Monday, November 18, 2013

The Big One!!

Sweet Kelsey~

You are ONE!

It is simply amazing how quickly time has passed in this last year.   You already amaze us over and over.  Everything about you radiates life and laughter.  You are stunningly beautiful, and your personality is contagious!  You smile and wave "hi" freely to anyone and fact you wave at us all the time :)
You already have quite the sense of humor...laughing when you hear us laugh...or when there is laughter on the TV.  You have never "crawled" in the normal sense.  Instead you do this cute little scooting thing where you are sitting and push yourself around with one leg/foot.  You pull up readily, stand on your own and are cruising all over, but you have not yet taken your first solo steps.   Your newest feat is that you have learned to climb the stairs.  You've only made it up two, but it's enough to worry me.  Your spirit of adventure knows no bounds...and much like another female in your family (clears throat) you tend to push the envelope. You love to play and already have several favorites: A little bunny, a Cinderella doll that your brother found in Target, a bucket of plastic monkeys, a play tea party set, and anything small (not dangerous-just little baby hand sized) that is easy to hold.
You are already so very smart. We can truly see the wheels turning as you observe and process everything in the world around you.
You ADORE your big brother.  I can already see the hero worship in your eyes whenever you look at him.  He makes you giggle and you clap your hands whenever you see him.  Every morning, when he comes into your room, your face lights up, you clap and say "hi!" You follow him around and will scream at him to get his attention if he is focusing on something else.
Which leads me to my next point about your personality... You love to scream it in joy or in anger. In happiness or frustration.  When you want attention and when you are not getting your way. You really enjoy the sound of your voice and the screams you can make.  We call you our little wildcat.  Our firecracker.  A pistol.  Are you getting the pattern here?
You give the words "strong willed" new meaning.  You understand the word "no."  You don't like it.  At all.  And you feel very free in letting us know when you are displeased with us :) Now, don't get me wrong, you are a delightful baby girl and I wouldn't change one thing about your feistiness.  I hope that you always keep that quality and that you continue to breathe life and wonder into every situation you are in.  I love you sweet, precious girl!  I pray that you will become just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside, for that my sweet love, is where true beauty lies.  You are my gift from God.  I am so thankful He gave you to us and I am excited to drink in every moment of this coming year with you!

With all my Love,

~Live Fully*Laugh Loudly*Love Deeply*Grow Joy Daily

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