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During 2012 and 2013, many events took place that prohibited me from being faithful to this space.  Rather than try to update it, I'm starting fresh.  You can access all of Brett's sweet words from the past on my original blog (link can be found under the "Oh Happy Day" tab beside this one.)  

September/October 2013:

Brett and I were in the car today and he saw a 4-wheeler with a rake attachment smoothing a local baseball field.  He said "Look Mama!  They're dirting!"  I said, "Dirting?!"  He said, "yeah, you what you do with a 4-wheeler or a Jeep."
I said, "You mean mudding??"  To which he replied, "Yes!!  Mudding! Well, I was close!"

Brett banged his knee on the car door today as we were leaving our local grocery store.  He asked in a very teary voice, "Do I still have to buckle?" (sniff, sniff)
"Yes, Son.  You do.  One thing has nothing to do with the other."
It greatly amused me that he would think he couldn't buckle his seatbelt at the risk of hurting his knee more.

As we were getting ready for bed, Brett and I had the following conversation:
"Mommy, how long is the present"
"Do you mean the present as in past, present, future?"
"The present is the moment you live in right then.  It's happening now."
"So, like a minute. No, a second. Cause once a second has happened it's in the past. And that's not even getting into all those other kinds of seconds.  Nano seconds and stuff.  The present doesn't last very long."
"No, doesn't..."

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